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Even if you live in a safe neighborhood, danger can still find its way to your doorstep. Surrounding the safety of suburbia lies the Great Outdoors– and any number of environments in which wild animals make their home. That means coyotes, feral dogs, wolves…  you name it, they can (and have) made their way into the relative calm of a neighborhood. If you have a family, or if you simply wish to keep yourself safe from the intrusion of wild animals, a fence is a must-have. Creatures as large as a bear have found their way inside people’s homes, terrorizing the people inside. You can’t let that be you, your pets, or your family. The world is a dangerous place, but keeping a fence around it can help keep you safe. Here are a few reasons for why you should keep a fence to keep out wildlife:


Stranger Danger

From an early age, children have been taught about stranger danger. But what about strange animals? A young boy or girl may not understand the difference between a playful pet dog and a feral wolf. It would only take ten seconds for the worst possible scenario to happen. Wolves aren’t the only dangerous thing your child could encounter, either. Children have a knack for being where they shouldn’t when they shouldn’t, and meeting an in-real-life Bambi might not be what you expected, especially if a territorial and protective buck is nearby. And it’s not just children that are in danger. You don’t have to be small to have to worry about wildlife, just smaller, or with smaller teeth. A simple visit to your front or backyard shouldn’t have to be an adventure.


Property Protection

Even if wildlife isn’t posing a threat to your personal health, there’s always the risk of something messing with your valuables. Wild animals have been known to raid people’s houses, tearing them apart in the search for anything remotely tasty. And if they don’t breach the threshold of your house, they can still trample flower beds and gardens you might be growing underfoot. Raccoons work the same disasters with trash cans that deer have been known to make of gardens. Though on the smaller side, they are a constant nuisance. Unfenced properties have to deal with the very real possibility of something rummaging through their trash cans, strewing filth and debris all over your lawn. That’s not a fun thing to wake up to. Spare yourself from having to fight a scavenger over last week’s moldy leftovers; who knows what kind of germs– or worse, rabies– wild animals have about them? Keep it clean, keep it safe. Protect your house, its contents, and yourself from wildlife with the protection provided by a fence.


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