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Sea Burial Services

Honoring your loved one with respect and dignity along the beautiful Florida Coast.

At Duval Dumpster Rental, we recognize how difficult it can be to say goodbye to a loved one. We also know how overwhelming it can be to plan a burial service while mourning your loss.

Whether you plan to attend or prefer an unattended ash scattering service, we will make arrangements and handle all the details. If you have any specific requests, let us know and we will be happy to accommodate your wishes.

For those who may not be able to attend the ash scattering, we will document the ceremony. The latitude and longitude will also be recorded to allow family and friends to revisit the location.

We are honored to have the opportunity to help you say farewell and honor your loved one with a dignified burial at sea.

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will our service be performed?

Virtually all cremated remains are buried at sea within thirty days of their arrival at The Sea  Burial.  You will receive a memorial certification indicating the exact date the service was performed.  On rare occasions, generally only if boats are frozen in port or if continued high seas prevent our voyage, this 30 day schedule cannot be met, but we can usually arrange for alternative methods when required.  Where a specific date or time period is important to you, we can work to fulfill your wishes.  Call us. We own several different type and size vessels and have access to many more.

We wish to accompany you on your voyage. Is this possible?

Yes, and many families join The Sea Burial for a charter voyage that they can plan and direct.  We assist, as you desire.  We provide these charter services from only Jacksonville, Florida. More ports and charters coming soon!

How do you guarantee that the cremated remains are actually placed in the sea?

Certainly, when choosing a firm to perform an unaccompanied service, credibility is important. This brings rise to your question as to how a client is guaranteed that the service was actually performed when they were not there to witness the actual scattering.  The following assurances should be offered by a firm, as are provided by The Sea Burial.
1.  The service should be performed by a licensed Coast Guard Master.  He has earned his license as a sea captain through rigorous testing and through logged voyages.  His log and license are federal documents, which he must preserve and which are governed by federal law.  He would not put them at risk.
2.  A scattering performed in the ocean to EPA regulations is reported to the Environmental Protection Agency.  The report includes specific information about the deceased.  It would be a crime to falsify these documents.  Burials performed in bays or inlets, where permitted by law, may not require this reporting.
3.  The reputation of the firm and its success is based solely on its credibility.  No reputable firm, with its considerable investments in its business, advertising, trust building and repeat funeral home clients would risk it all by being dishonest.  Actually, a reputable firm will have standards and practices in effect to ensure that no false claims can be made against them.
4.  Performing sea burials are not difficult, and can be performed by anyone with a boat and knowledge of the sea.  A reputable firm has access to a fleet of vessels and usually owns several themselves.  As anyone with a love of boating knows, owners of boats spend much time on them.  Quite simply, it is easier to perform the burial at sea than not to do it and attempt to weave the web of deception necessary to falsify the event.  We are on boats every day and we have performed scatterings often daily during the past decade.  Our credentials are impeccable.  We have never received a complaint.  It is understandable, however, that many families, in final preparations, want assurances that the service is properly performed.  To some, this assurance comes only through their own personal witnessing of the event.  For those, a charter service is easily provided.  When an individual wishes to witness the burial alone or with a small group, the service can be performed conveniently and quite affordably.  Rather than live with doubts or questions of the validity of a service performed, the extra cost involved in witnessing the service personally is a small price to pay.  We will work with you to make this possible if it is important to you.Please call us if you have any other specific questions.  We  be glad to discuss this with you further.

Are special services available for veterans?

The U. S. Navy performs sea burials for veterans and their families free of charge, with certain restrictions.  The Sea Burial has a page on our site that describes veterans services.   Many veterans, however, choose The Sea Burial to perform their burial.  We can provide a wider choice of locations and services where family members can participate; the Navy doesn’t allow family members on board.

We do not wish to attend. Can this be arranged?

Many families do not attend the burial at sea service for any number of reasons.   This is the most economical service, with fees beginning at $150, and while it’s not a primary reason to choose unattended, it is certainly something to be considered in today’s economy. Families entrust The Sea Burial to perform a dignified service for their loved ones because our reputation is outstanding.

How are cremated remains sent to The Sea Burial for burial at sea?

If you contact The Sea Burial before you received the cremated remains, we can coordinate the crematory or funeral director’s transportation directly to us. If you have cremated remains, simply insert your check and our Authorization Form inside the outer shipping container, and mail to The Sea Burial via the U.S. Registered mail.

What sites are available for Burial At Sea of cremated remains?

The Sea Burial maintains its main office in Florida. We have affiliates, licensed by the U. S. Coast Guard, or by state agencies, where required, at virtually port in America. We even provide services off the coast of Ireland and in the Holy Land. Scatterings may be performed virtually anywhere worldwide by air or sea. Call us with your specific wishes. Our most popular site is within view of the Fire Island Lighthouse in the North Atlantic Ocean one of the world’s most beautiful seashores. We’ll work hard to arrange a dignified, affordable service in the area of your choice.

Why do you use a post office box for the shipping destination of cremated remains?

Most cremated remains are shipped to The Sea Burial via priority mail express.  The use of United States Postal Service’s priority mail express is by far the most secure form of transportation.  It is used to ship currency, coins, precious metals, and gems.  The shipment is protected by the United States Government.  It is only proper that every precaution is taken to protect the transportation of human remains.

Why do families choose a burial at the Ocean?

Burial at sea dates back thousands of years.  A final disposition with the ocean’s elements has been a traditional desire of many.  In these times with scarcity and high cost of cemetery space, many more are turning to the more natural burial at sea.  This alternative to traditional burial is most affordable.  Many notable people have selected the ocean as their final resting place. The eternal cycles of the ocean’s water, the conservation of the land space as well as the shortage of cemetery plots are all reasons cited for selecting sea scattering. Most of Sea Service’s families just love the ocean and can find no better final disposition for their earthly remains. To read about the U. S. Navy’s long traditions of sea burial, click here.

Can Sea Services plan a service with our funeral director?

More funeral professionals seek The Sea Burial to perform maritime funeral services than other her provider.  We maintain close relationships with the nation’s leading funeral providers who value the advantages of using a professional firm fa or sea burial.  Our 24 hour a day access makes it simple for your representative to make arrangements with us.  Have your funeral professional contact us, or just call, and we will coordinate all the details.

Why do Burial at Sea fees vary so greatly?

The Sea Burial’s fees reflect our cost to conduct the desired service.  Since we perform burials at locations nationwide and in several countries, we must adjust pricing to conform with the local requirements.  For example, several states permit burials in coastal bays, while most locations require burials to be performed a minimum of three miles offshore.  Some localities require permits to be obtained.  Fuel and crew costs vary with location. Where charter services are desired, different types of boats are scheduled depending on the size of the group and the planned voyage.  Much of these requirements are dictated by federal law.  Larger groups require additional crew members.  In areas with busy seasonal business or in vacation areas, summer costs are higher, as vessel availability decreases.  Most large cities require very high docking charges, which also are reflected in fees. As in any profession, an insured, reputable, experienced company pays its people better, maintains its equipment better and provides high-quality service.  Beware of the uninsured or unlicensed  boat owner who dabbles in “scattering ashes.”
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