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Underground sprinkler systems often run along the perimeter of a property – right where the fence is going.  Since most people install irrigation prior to a fence, the fence installation usually causes breaks in the lines, heads, or control systems of the irrigation system.  Irrigation repair is, unfortunately, a necessary part of a fence installation project.  The good news is that being proactive can make irrigation repairs pretty painless.

Hidden Lines – Utility Locate vs. Private Utility

Irrigation is considered a private utility.  That means that the companies who locate utilities under Flo2rida law will not locate your sprinkler lines.  And since the lines are made of PVC, homeowners have very few options for locating the lines.  Without knowing the exact location of the lines, the damage is inevitable.

Marking Heads isn’t Marking Lines

We ask all of our customers to mark their sprinkler heads with marking paint or yard flags.  That helps us avoid damaging sprinkler heads, but it won’t help us determine where the lines are running underground.  The lines are usually offset from the heads anywhere from one to three feet.


Irrigation Maintenance

What’s the best approach to irrigation repair with your new fence installation?  Be proactive.  We recommend that all of our customers schedule an irrigation check up within one week of fence installation.  The irrigation company can:

  • Repair any damage from the fence installation
  • Move heads that were installed too close to the perimeter of the property
  • Install a rain sensor for older irrigation systems to reduce usage
  • Adjust spraying to ensure the sprinkler heads do not spray the fence
  • Add zones/lines/heads where coverage isn’t optimal

Usually, maintenance check ups should be around $145, but some companies offer specials and coupons to reduce the cost.

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