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Fence Permit – Fees & Requirements

Many counties and cities require a building fence permit for a fence installation, but the fees and requirements vary.  Usually, municipalities require the homeowner or contractor to submit a copy of the fence plans and specifications along with a copy of the property survey.

The fees for permits can range from one hundred fifty dollars to four hundred dollars and usually include:

  • The cost of the permit at the municipality
  • Processing and handling costs
  • Notary costs

Local Fence Permits

In North Florida, most municipalities do not require a fence permit.  Here are some of the areas that do:

Lost your Property Survey?

If you have lost your property survey, you generally have to pay to have a new survey created by a professional survey company.  Property surveys cost approximately five hundred dollars.

Fines for Non-Compliance

Municipalities may have restrictions on the placement of the fence, and the fines for non-compliance can be stiff.  In most areas, both the property owner and the fence contractor are liable for non-compliance. So that’s why proper permitting is always the first step in a fence installation.

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