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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Arwood Site Services is Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia's go to construction site services company. We specialize in providing top quality services at an affordable price.
We offer a wide variety of site services including marine construction, painting, demolition, flooring, RV camper service, handyman services as well as partnering with other companies to provide site materials. If you need it, we can do it!
Yes. You can call us toll free at (855) 713-6280 to place an order over the phone.
Yes. Arwood Site Services is fully licensed and insured in case of damage or injury.
When you submit an order using our quote builder, include your requested start date. We will do our best to accommodate your request. Rest assured your services will be completed in a timely manner.
Arwood Site Services takes pride in being a customer service oriented company. If at any time you are not satisfied, please don't hesitate to call us. We will make certain your issue is resolved quickly and that you are completely satisfied.
If you need to reschedule, contact our team immediately. We will do everything we can to accommodate changes to your start date.
If your service address has changed, please contact us to update your order and verify the price.
To receive timely payment: Submit all invoices by email to or by mail to Arwood Site Services, 13255 Lanier Road, Jacksonville, Florida 32226 OR by fax to (904) 376-7672, Attention: Vendor Relations. Your invoice must include the PO Number and the street address of the service order. Without these items, your payment may be subject to delay. Your payment will be processed within 30 days. Thank you for being a partner of Arwood Site Services and for providing our customers with superior service.
The amount of time it takes to complete a dock repair depends on a couple of different factors: Permitting - We will obtain the permitting necessary for your repair. However, we do not have control over how long that process takes. It can vary from a week to up to a month. We will make sure we follow up regularly to ensure that the task of processing your permit is done in a timely manner. Weather - Storms and cold weather can create situations that would be unsafe for our crew to continue working. We will work hard to finish your project as soon as possible while maintaining a safe environment for our team. There will be a dedicated crew assigned to your marine repair. Rest assured that we will do whatever is necessary to complete your dock restoration in a timely manner.
Arwood Site Services can provide you with several safe and reliable product choices for your dock restoration. Our knowledgable representatives will assist you in determining the best solution for your needs as well as helping you stay within your budget.
Carpet cleaning is recommended every 6 - 12 months. Many manufacturers require regular carpet cleaning to honor your warranty so following a schedule of cleaning is essential. Arwood Site Services wants to help you keeping your carpet looking and smelling clean and beautiful for years to come!
We will do our best to schedule your carpet cleaning at a convenient time for you and your family. Our trained professional team will have your carpet cleaned quickly and efficiently to keep your life disruption to a minimum.
Arwood Site Services provides quality customer service through our trained, technical professionals to help you with troubleshooting, product recommendations and custom and special ordering. This service will give you the upper hand when it comes to your air quality control.
The rental begins once your equipment is delivered and will end on the day you call for pick up. We do not charge for transportation time.
Post Construction Clean up involves a rough clean up where all of the construction debris is removed after a new build or renovation. We also sweep all floors clear of dirt and dust so carpet and flooring can be installed. Arwood Site Services also does clean up when the project is completely finished. This involves cleaning bathrooms and kitchen, wiping all fixtures, lights, baseboards, vacuuming carpet and sweeping floors. We make sure your new home or renovation is sparkling clean and ready for move-in.
Arwood Site Services' staff is fully licensed and bonded so you won’t be taking on any risk when our crew cleans at your construction site. We educate our teams and keep them up-to-speed on relevant safety procedures including specific procedures that are required when cleaning in a construction area. We provide all PPE necessary such as hard hats, safety glasses, boots or heavy duty gloves for carrying debris. Safety is important to us!
We are dedicated to keeping our environment safe and clean. We use new and innovative ways to do so. From separating items before demolition to donating to charities such as Builders Care, Arwood Site Services takes our responsibility for demolition and clean up seriously.
Arwood Site Services performs a myriad of demolition services. From building demolition to emergency clean up to small area demolition, we provide you with quality service that is second to none. We can do just about anything so give us a call today to schedule your demolition.
Arwood Site Services customer service representatives are standing by to help you determine the correct size, type and amount of time you will need your dumpster. Our many years of experience in this industry gives us the ability to determine just what will work best for you and stay within your budget.
Yes! Many restaurants, grocery stores, office buildings, etc. have a need for a permanent dumpster. Our dumpsters all come with lids to keep your trash area clean and to cut down on odor. We can also service your permanent dumpster weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Our services including removing the trash and cleaning the unit to maintain the sanitation of your area.
Arwood Site Services offers residential, commercial and industrial flooring services. Our wide selection of flooring for your home includes carpet, hardwoods, ceramic tile, luxury vinyl tile, and stone. At the hands of our competent, talented contractors, your home will be transformed!
We do! This task is listed under our Handyman Services section which also includes home repairs, power washing, landscape services, vent cleaning, lighting installation and much more! If you need it done, we can do it!
Arwood Site Services is more than able to fix your garage door. Our licensed and insured Handyman Services branch will bring the appropriate tools and get the job done in a timely manner.
We are delighted to make your home beautiful and memorable for your holiday party! There are many details that go into the planning of a holiday party. We can take care of all of your cleaning needs so you can take care of the other details. You can give us a list or our experienced holiday cleaning crew can give you a list of ideas for what all we can do!
Window washing is one of our specialty services offered through our Home and Office Cleaning branch. If you are having trouble seeing through those dirty windows, Arwood Site Services can help!
We do! Arwood Site Services picks up old furniture, appliances, electronics, tires, construction debris, or yard waste through our Junk Removal branch. We make sure your junk will be disposed of responsibly. We take every step to protect our environment.
Junk Removal is priced by how much space it takes up on our truck. We will give you an upfront cost. Also, you won't have to drag anything to the curb - we will pick up from the location and put it on our truck. We do the hard work!
Quality lawn maintenance involves mowing, weed eating, edging and blowing as well as spraying for bugs and fungus that can destroy your lawn. It also includes fertilization for growth. We can certainly just do the mowing part but would love the opportunity to show you what a full package could do for the beauty of your lawn. You won't be disappointed!
Lawn care pricing is determined by the size of your property as well as the amount of work needed to maintain it. Our professional lawn care specialists will come out and assess your area and give you a price.
Arwood Site Services does commercial and residential exterior and interior painting. We do all of the prep work as well. A quality paint job will give your home or commercial building a "face lift" that will last for years to come. Our licensed and insured crews also promise to leave your property looking clean and new.
We have trained professionals to deal with stucco issues. What normally happens is the wire mesh underneath the stucco becomes rusted and causes buckling. In most situations, we can seal up all the cracks and then apply a special rubberized coating that will correct the problem and protect from future corrosion. The key is to call us as soon as you begin to see cracks in your stucco.
All of our portable storage units are made from steel and come equipped with a strong, secure locking system. You can feel confident that your construction inventory or other items will be safe from theft 24/7.
Delivery pricing will vary according to your location and what size unit you need. Please call our customer service line to obtain a quote today!
We provide single units and multiple units. Let us help you determine the best solution for your portable toilet needs. Weddings can range from very small to very large - a single unit may be just what you need but our experienced customer service representatives can help you make an economical decision for your unique situation.
No, you do not. Arwood Site Services does offer cleaning, tank emptying and replenishing of soap and toilet paper in your portable toilet for an additional fee. However, we understand not everyone has that cost in their budget so we do that as a separate add on service.
Residential property maintenance can become very time consuming if you do it on your own. Our services include: Pest Control Electrical Repairs Plumbing Repairs Move Out Services Much more! Take the busy work off your plate and on to ours!
Your commercial property is an investment you want to see flourish and create profit. When issues are not handled in a timely manner, it can create problems both with your tenants as well as for you financially in the long run. You are busy with the business part so let us help with the details of maintenance. This will keep your investment well cared for and your tenants happy so they continue to rent your space.
Arwood Site Services specializes in all site materials including: Fill Dirt Gravel Topsoil Concrete building blocks and mix material Rebar Sand Crushed Recycled Concrete Pre-case concrete River Rock Clay Limestone Manure Asphalt Riprap
You can call our customer service line or go online to schedule your site material delivery. We can help you determine the amount of product you need for your job and coordinate a delivery time that is convenient for you.
Arwood Site Services will schedule your parking lot sweeping for a convenient time for your business. We understand that restaurants and bars have customers and employees parked in their lots til late at night. Our professional parking lot sweepers will offer you the optimal time for your business.
There are many reasons to use temporary fencing on your construction site. An unprotected site leaves you open to theft, damage and liability. Temporary fencing provides a barrier to deter trespassers on your site. Your construction site is an investment in your business and you need to keep everything safe and secure.
Fencing panels come in 3 sizes - 4', 6' and 8'. We can help you determine the correct size and amount of fencing to meet your needs.

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