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Weatherize your deck!



Depending on the size and budget of your deck, there are many options for what type of decking material to use. Additional considerations should...

Why You Need A Commercial Privacy Fence

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As a business owner, whether big or small, you are the sole guardian of your business. All of the assets, all of the liabilities. It's all yours and it's all your resp...

Top Causes of Fence Rot and How to Prevent it from Happening

For homeowners who have wooden fences installed on their properties, proper maintenance and care of the fence are important. While wood can be a very affordable and attractive material, unfortunately, when a wooden fence is improperly installed or cared for, fence rot may occur. The following considers everything you need to know a...

10 Things You Must Know About Installing a Fence

10 Things You Must Know About Installing a Fence

Let it Set Before You Seal

Once the fence is installed, it's important that you let it dry out. There are certain moistures and finishes that t...

What Fence Type Should I Get?

The right fence type can really enhance the look of your home and add a healthy dose of curb appeal. But which kind of fence is right for you? Here are three things to consider when deciding what fence style you should get:

1. Purpose


Property owners have many different options when trying to deter or restrict access to all or a portion of their property. Fencing is one commonly utilized solution, and chain link fencing is desirable in many situations. Chain link fences have many advantages over similar barriers, and depending upon your particular needs, wants, a...

What’s the Best Fencing Material for Your Backyard Fence?

Homeowners in the United States spend nearly $7,000 on renovations. Often times, a homeowner will make alterations to their residence to make it more functional or appealing. If you are looking for a way to increase the security your home has, then investing in a backyard fence is a great idea. Before starting this home improve...

Tips and Tricks for Using Reclaimed Wood

Here at Duval Fence Contractor, we like to reuse and recycle. We also like to help you reuse and recycle by providing reclaimed wood for free to the public. There are a few things you should take into consideration before using reclaimed wood for a project.

Tips on Installing a Fence

Tips on Installing a Fence

Installing a fence is a project that many homeowners feel comfortable taking on themselves. You may have to enlist the help of some neighbors but with a little elbow grease and by carefully following manufacturer’s instructions, most fences can be installed around an average sized yard in one weekend. As with all home improvemen...

Four Advantages of Cedar Wood Fencing

Fencing your yard is a natural impulse, and in many cases it might be a necessity. It satisfies that desire to have a castle wall, no matter how small, that marks the edge of your domain, while at the same time making sure pets can't get out, and predators like coyotes can't get in. While there are a dozen different choices for mater...

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